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Getting Back to the Good Life

Getting Back to the Good Life

They say things come back around if you wait for long enough, and it’s true.  Preserving/bottling/pickling and being self-sufficient are not new concepts but rather something that many of our parents, our grandparents and generations before did.  Remember mum cracking open a jar of homemade peaches to go with your weetbix in the morning before school?


Since Covid hit us and turned the world on its head, many of us have had a lot of time on our hands to explore this way of keeping homemade food to nurture our families and fill the cupboards.  The very thought of having to go to the supermarket last year scared the crap out of most of us and the possible scarcity of food also factored into our new way of thinking.  Let’s also not forget all the additives that you find in store bought food these days and the worry about what that actually does to our bodies over time.

To preserve and bottle your own food in jars is actually quite a simple process and really can be learnt by anyone.  It’s basically a way of taking seasonal produce and storing it for a long period of time to be used when needed.  There is simply nothing nicer than opening a jar of your own homemade beetroot or peaches and knowing what you are eating.  No preservatives, additives or nasties just simple pure good produce made with love.

So next time you are given a pile of tomatoes or plums from the a friend, or spot a super deal at your local farmers market – take advantage of what’s cheap and in season and try your hand at preserving.

With good preserving jars and proper sealing lids you can cook and store a variety of food.  Start with something simple like a chutney. There are many books around to help you with recipes and probably the best one to start with is the good old favourite Edmonds Cook Book & Digby’s Preserving.

I hope this has encouraged you to give it try.  We are very proud to be doing our part to help people ‘get back to the goodlife’.

Posted: Wednesday 7 July 2021